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Composite Photography

Everything from images that put you in a fight to save the galaxy from the forces of the dark side to a scene enjoying the beach. These amazing moments can be created through the powerful skillset of compositing.

What is compositing exactly and why is it important that you know about it. Compositing is the combination of 2 or more images into a single image. Some composites can be as simple as adding a cloud or rock into a scene while others are entire landscapes built from ground up using a mix of photographs and illustrations creating something truly stunning and unique. This is one of the more difficult skillsets to learn because of the attention to detail that must be observed such as shadow and light work, reflections, perspective warping, etc.

Scenes that either take great expense to create in the real world or in many cases can never be created are reproducible with compositing. If you have a dream of flying through space or standing on the bottom of the ocean it can be done through the hard work of a retoucher or photographer familiar with compositing.

Most people don't even realize that they've seen composite photos in their day to day lives or even in their own family photos. The simple composites are fairly regular now a days in advertising or the correction of images, for example when someone blinks in a photo, the photographer can grab another image with their eyes open and place those eyes into the original. Don't misunderstand that this is something new to the industry either, compositing can be traced back a hundred years although the technique, tools and process has definitely improved.

So next time you want to have an idea for an image of yourself, your family or your friends that seems impossible check out compositing. It can truly create some amazing and artistic images that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Check out images from my previous post here about Lurie children's hospital as well to show you the power of compositing and healing.


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